Our parent company, Aromatic & Allied, is a Family Owned Business & are India ‘s leading Manufacturer of Natural Essential Oils, since more than 45 years. They have vast experience in the field of Essential oils, Aromatherapy, Indian Herbs and moreover have expertise of how to utilize these
products in Ayurveda. All these knowledge helped them to develop ‘La Monk’ Beard oil that have all those ingredients which are produced themselves by Aromatic & Allied , thus making the assurity of the product to be 100 % Pure and Natural. Later with the commencement of Second Generation
in business & their vast exposure to the world with their International Experience , they came up with the idea for making A&A more close to nature and also with the aim to ‘ Go- Green’ they started promoting Indian farmers to develop Organic crops and thus making lands more fertile. In continuation of development they started producing Organic products like Organic Essential Oils, Organic Carrier Oils, Organic SCFE Products which are free from any chemicals and residues. These products were then researched deeply and individually by A&A. In-House R & D team of highly qualified chemists to develop series of Organic FMCG Products. In this one of their product is ‘ Organic Beard Oil’ which they are only
the company in India Certified 100 % Organic by Ecocert- France & thus proving the product to be Authentic Organic Product.


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